Delish 2.3

December 10, 2013 – Jason Harwig

Available now with tag counts and Mavericks support in the Mac App Store.

Delish 2.3 tag counts Screenshot

New Features

  • Tag list view shows counts, along with sorting options
  • Performance improvements with screenshot generation, indexing, tag and bookmark views
  • New URL schemes for interacting with Delish. URL Scheme Docs
  • Menu option to pause screenshot generation
  • Improved power management using App Nap and automatic and sudden termination

Bug Fixes

  • Possible crash when credentials are incorrect
  • Zoom wouldn’t be restored on relaunch
  • Urls containing octothorps #hashtag
  • Chrome not passing URL using “Create Bookmark” service
  • Don’t force discrete graphics
  • Bookmark opening twice when chrome is the users default browser
  • HTTPS bookmarks not pre-populating title correctly
  • Context menu not selecting bookmark
  • Tag deletion wouldn’t delete all case-variants

Delish 2.2.1 Improves stability of text indexing

February 20, 2013 – Jason Harwig

Available now in the Mac App Store.

New Features

  • New preferences to mark new bookmarks “Private” and “To Read” (pinboard only)
  • Key shortcuts to toggle Private ⌘+P and To Read ⌘+R in edit sheet

Bug Fixes

  • Improved indexing and screenshot performance
  • Fix tag deletion in
  • Fix login with non-lowercase usernames
  • Fix crashes with tags and indexing
  • Fix issue where URLs with spaces wouldn’t open or screenshot correctly
  • Fix issue where URLs with associated applications would open apps during screenshot generation

Delish 2.2 with Full Text Searching

January 30, 2013 – Jason Harwig

Available now in the Mac App Store.

  • Fast full-text searching of the content in text, HTML, and PDF bookmarks. Also available within Spotlight searches.
  • Support PDF and image formats directly - regenerate with CMD+R
  • Tag selection can be switched between AND/OR boolean searches. (Select multiple tags to show control)
  • Search by number of tags in Smart Bundles


  • Inablility to update bookmarks when saving to
  • TAB focusing across source list and bookmark pane
  • Improve edit sheet auto-sizing behavior
  • Better detection of website preferred width
  • Screenshot generation hanging instead of timing out
  • Tag entry field not resizing correctly

Delish 2.1.2 Fixes Lion Crashing

November 27, 2012 – Jason Harwig

Several users reported that Delish crashes when generating thumbnails. I traced the issue to a race condition in the screenshot generating service.

Thank you to everyone that submitted crash reports, and thanks to an expedited review, Delish 2.1.2 is available now in the Mac App Store.

I had a hard time even reproducing it until I enabled multiple cpu cores in the 10.7 VMware instance. That did it, as it would crash within seconds of launching. Consistently – ouch.

Delish 2.1.1 available with support for read status in

October 3, 2012 – Jason Harwig

Delish 2.1.1 was just approved (submitted September 5), and is available now in the Mac App Store. This release contains features based on suggestions from users, and some bug fixes.

  • Adds support for read/unread status in Smart Bundles and bookmark editing (thanks, Daniel)
  • Open bookmarks in background shortcut and menu item, with preference to always open bookmarks in background (thanks, Wesley)
  • Improved loading of very large websites that would previously timeout (thanks, Julia)
  • Show incremental loading of screenshots in activity pane
  • Fixes issue with Smart Bundle searches using the notes field
  • Fixes issue where login form wouldn’t appear after password change

Delish 2.1.1 Screenshot