Delish 2.1.1 available with support for read status in

October 3, 2012 – Jason Harwig

Delish 2.1.1 was just approved (submitted September 5), and is available now in the Mac App Store. This release contains features based on suggestions from users, and some bug fixes.

  • Adds support for read/unread status in Smart Bundles and bookmark editing (thanks, Daniel)
  • Open bookmarks in background shortcut and menu item, with preference to always open bookmarks in background (thanks, Wesley)
  • Improved loading of very large websites that would previously timeout (thanks, Julia)
  • Show incremental loading of screenshots in activity pane
  • Fixes issue with Smart Bundle searches using the notes field
  • Fixes issue where login form wouldn’t appear after password change

Delish 2.1.1 Screenshot

Delish 2.1 Available with Retina Graphics / Mountain Lion support

August 14, 2012 – Jason Harwig

Delish 2.1 was just released in the Mac App Store. Lots of polishing went into this release which includes updated graphics for the Retina MacBook Pro.

  • Retina Graphics / Mountain Lion compatible
  • Updated look
  • Spotlight integration – bookmarks appear in spotlight searches
  • More options for multiple selection of bookmarks: open, reload screenshot, delete multiple bookmarks at once
  • New Smart Bundle search for bookmarks with no tags
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts in Bookmark menu
  • Force synchronize with server (with services rate limits enforced)
  • Preference for bookmark background contrast
  • Advanced preferences to view file usage of screenshot directory
  • Fix possible crash when generating screenshots
  • Fix issues with Smart Bundle date and tag searches
  • Improve overall application stability

Delish 2.1 Screenshot

Delish 2.0.2 Available with new Icon

April 11, 2012 – Jason Harwig

Introducing the new Broccoli…

I’ve contracted to to redesign the broccoli for Delish’s icon. The original was created by me in Inkscape and should have been updated long ago.

This release also includes a fix to a bug in which the login prompt would present itself again despite a successful login.

Update to Delish 2.0.2 on the Mac App Store.

Delish 2.0 Submitted to Mac App Store

February 23, 2012 – Jason Harwig

It has been a long time coming, but today I submitted the next major version of Delish to the Mac App Store – Delish 2.0.

Delish 2.0 Screenshot

The highlights of this release:

  • Bookmarks can be created, edited, deleted.
  • Tags can be renamed or deleted.
  • accounts are supported.
  • All activity to webservice is asynchronous, and changes can even be made offline.
  • Runs in a OS X sandbox
  • Create Bookmark OS X service with the key equivalent ⇧+⌘+E
  • Drag and Drop to open or create new bookmark
  • Activity view for screenshot progress and web service asynchronous tasks

This release will be sold exclusively through the Mac App Store. Maintaining two versions is just not something I want to spend time on, and while the App Store has stricter rules, Delish is an application that fits very well into the new application sandbox. I will offer free upgrades to those who purchased Delish after December 1, 2011.

I hope you enjoy as much as I do,